Sports Apprentice Rising Star

MH Newcastle Town

We are extremely proud to announce that Matt Harrison from St Wulstan’s has signed a semi-professional contract with Newcastle Town Football Club. Matt joined us in early 2020 as a Sports Apprentice, and he supports PE lessons in school as well as after school care club and holiday sessions.

Upon his success, Matt shared: “I began playing football at the age of 6 in the Newcastle Town soccer school, and was asked to join their Under 7’s team. After 11 years of being at the club, I was asked by the Director and first team manager to sign a contract. St Wulstan’s is a great place to work, especially when working on an apprenticeship. All of the staff are polite and welcoming and they have made me feel comfortable in my role at the school. Every day in my role is different and that is the best part of working at St Wulstan’s.”

Mrs Kirkham, Headteacher at St Wulstan’s, expressed her pride about Matt’s success: “We knew that Matt would be an asset to our team from the day we met him at interview. He amazed us with his passion for sport and his positive attitude towards working with children. He has a way of making everyone feel valued because he is confident to speak to everyone. Matt is a person whose God given talent shines through for us all to see and we are blessed that he chose to work at our school.

He has grown in the role as sports apprentice to become an excellent team member and role model. He has received training through working weekly alongside Bee Active and attended termly staff CPD to improve the quality of PE in our school. Matt also works in Care Club and supports children to develop skills at the end of the school day through leading games and activities on the playground.

Matt demonstrates our school values in all that he does. More recently he has worked as part of the Care Club Team to review the provision for our KS2 ‘clubbers’. This includes providing better quality activities and ensuring that there is something to engage every child. He sets up and prepares club environment each day with care and thought for each child’s needs.

We are proud to hear that he has been signed for Newcastle Town Football Club. This is well deserved and we know that he will continue to flourish in all that he does.”

Congratulations, Matt, we are all extremely proud of your achievements both in school and on the football pitch!

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