Our Directors and Governors

The Directors

Meeting Attendance

Board of DirectorsAttendance 2019/20
Mr David O’Leary4/4
Mrs Gillian Regan3/4
Mr James O'Hara2/4
Mrs Ellen Wainwright4/4
Mrs Alison Graham3/4
Mrs Sharon Brammeld4/4
Mrs Kate Wildman 3/4
Mrs Pauline Hanrahan4/4
Mrs Theresa Madden 4/4
Mr Robert Bowers1/1
Other Attendees
Cathy Booth2/2
Dave Rushton4/4
Ben Grove1/4
Directors’ Finance & Resources CommitteeAttendance 2019/20
Mrs Ellen Wainwright (Chair)1/2
Mrs Alison Graham1/2
Mrs Theresa Madden2/2
Mr James O'Hara0/2
Mrs Sharon Brammeld (Vice-Chair)2/2
Mrs Kate Wildman2/2
Other Attendees
David O'Leary1/2
Cathy Booth2/2
Directors’ Standards and Provisions CommitteeAttendance 2019/20
Mr David O’Leary3/3
Mrs Gillian Regan - Chair 28 Sep 173/3
Mrs Pauline Hanrahan - Vice-Chair 3 Oct 193/3
Mrs Theresa Madden3/3
Directors’ Audit CommitteeAttendance 2019/20
Mr David O’Leary2/2
Mrs Gillian Regan 2/2
Mrs Kate Wildman (Chair)1/2
Mrs Sharon Brammeld2/2
Mrs Teresa Stedall0/1
Other Attendees
Mrs Theresa Madden (AO)2/2
Ms Cathy Booth (CFO)1/2
Board of DirectorsAttendance 2018/19
Mr David O’Leary6/6
Mrs Gillian Regan6/6
Mr James O'Hara5/6
Mrs Ellen Wainwright6/6
Mrs Alison Graham4/6
Mrs Sharon Brammeld6/6
Mrs Denise Mellor2/3
Mrs Kate Wildman 3/6
Mr Adrian Stevenson5/6
Mrs Pauline Hanrahan5/6
Mrs Theresa Madden 5/6
Mrs Jo Kirkham 4/6

Other Attendees

Ms Cathy Booth (CFO)3/3
Mr Dave Rushton (Ops Manager)3/3
Mr Ben Grove (Invited Headteacher)1/1
Directors’ Finance & Resources CommitteeAttendance 2018/19
Mrs Ellen Wainwright (Chair)3/3
Mrs Alison Graham1/3
Mrs Theresa Madden3/3
Mr James O'Hara2/3
Mrs Sharon Brammeld 3/3
Mrs Kate Wildman2/3
Mrs Jo Kirkham 2/3
Other Attendees
Mr David O'Leary (Chair of the Board of Directors)1/1
Ms Cathy Booth (CFO)3/3
Ms Bernadette Sims (Invited Headteacher)1/1
Mrs Sarah Rushton (Finance Officer)1/1

Directors’ Standards & Provisions Committee

Attendance 2018/19
Mr David O’Leary3/3
Mrs Gillian Regan - Chair 28/09/20173/3
Mr Adrian Stevenson 2/3
Mrs Denise Mellor (Term ended 17 Nov 18)0/1
Mrs Pauline Hanrahan3/3
Mrs Theresa Madden (AO)3/3
Mrs Joanne Kirkham - from Dec 182/2
Directors’ Audit CommitteeAttendance 2018/19
Mr David O’Leary1/2
Mrs Gillian Regan2/2
Mrs Kate Wildman (Chair)2/2
Mrs Sharon Brammeld2/2
Mrs Teresa Stedall2/2

Other Attendees

Mrs Theresa Madden (AO)2/2
Ms Cathy Booth (CFO)2/2
Kate Wilman

Mrs Kate Wildman – Chair of the Board

Lead Director for Safeguarding

Link Director for St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School

Kate is a serving Principal at Star Academy, part of the Academies Transformation Trust and has extensive knowledge and understanding of the education sector, governance, HR and finance.  As a serving headteacher, Kate brings a wealth of knowledge and says “being on the Board of Directors, serving six wonderful schools is an honour and privilege”.

The Chair’s strategic priorities are to ensure that the systems of governance are effective and robust, with open and honest channels of communication between all stakeholders. The Chair also supports the growth of our Multi-Academy by maintaining a strength of leadership, supporting the development of staff to allow talent to shine and to ensure that the identity, culture and ethos of CtKCC is held in high regard.

The Chair promotes our values of trust, respect, love and nurture; ensuring that all our learners understand that Catholic education supports them to have life in all its fullness, helping to drive our mission and strategic vision.

Gill Regan

Gill Regan – Vice Chair of the Board

Chair of Standards & Provision Committee

Lead Director for Pupil Premium

Link Director for St Wulstan’s Catholic Primary School

Gill is a former Headteacher of St Maria Goretti and St Mary’s Catholic Primary School.  She has extensive primary school experience with 39 years’ service in the education sector.  Gill is an advocate for supporting and promoting Catholic life and Catholic workshops in our family of schools and across our wider community. She supports the Multi-Academy in ensuring that Catholic education offers life changes to all pupils and that our Gospel values of Love, Faith and Service to Others are promoted.

Gill is a volunteer member of the Stoke University Hospital Chaplaincy and is involved with Holy Trinity Parish in Newcastle-under-Lyme as a Minister of the Eucharist and as an organist.

Robert Bowers

Mr Bob Bowers

Foundation Director
Vice Chair of Finance & Resources Committee
Lead Director for Estates

Bob is a professional businessman with over 40 years’ experience in retail, commercial and the sports sector.  He is a specialist in partnership working, sales and resource management, leadership and project-change management.  He believes he can support Christ the King Catholic Collegiate in its strategic estate vision and planning and is delighted to contribute to the Board of Multi-Academy with his professional expertise in all aspects of business management, development and finance.

His dedication to the Collegiate is to support Catholic education in our family of schools across North Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent, and to support the strategic vision for the Multi-Academy so that all pupils and staff achieve their potential, to get the best possible opportunities in life.

Sharron Brammeld

Mrs Sharon Brammeld

Foundation Director

Link Director for Our Lady & St Werburgh’s Catholic Primary School

Sharon is a partner of a property and lettings management agency and Director of an engineering firm.  She has been a Foundation Director with CtKCC since 2017. Sharon’s areas of expertise include business management, sales and finance and HR in both the private and corporate sectors. Her role on the Board is key in providing support to our schools, and promotes the strategic vision and development plan, which nurtures the spiritual development and oversees school improvement and achievement.

Sharon is an active member of her local Parish and member of the Liturgy team. She is also a member of the Local Governing Body.


Ms Pauline Hanrahan

Foundation Director
Vice Chair of Standards & Provision Committee
Lead Director for Catholic Life, Mission & Strategy

Link Director for St Mary’s Catholic Primary School

Pauline has 28 years’ experience of teaching English and Music in secondary schools and she has held a range of middle and senior leadership roles.  She has knowledge and expertise in curriculum development, safeguarding and CPD.

She has a key role as Lead Director for Catholic Life and for ensuring consistently high standards of teaching and learning across all our schools.

Pauline is also a Trustee (Treasurer) for local autism charity NSAAA and a Eucharistic Minister and Children’s Liturgy Leader for local parish church.  She is also a member of a Local Governing Body.

Mrs T Madden

Senior Executive Leader/CEO

Mrs Madden began teaching Physics in 1985 having qualified with a BSc, followed by a PGCE from Keele University. She has been in Catholic education since 1989 when she started at St John Fisher as a Physics Teacher, becoming Head of Physics and gaining an MA in Education. She has held a number of leadership roles in two other local Catholic Schools since 2001. She achieved NPQH in 2007 and a Diploma in Catholic Leadership in 2012. She was appointed as Headteacher of St John Fisher Catholic College in 2016, also taking on the role of Accounting Officer and subsequently Catholic Executive Leader (CEL) for CtKCC. She is passionate about Catholic Education and strives to ensure the best for all our children. She knows that she is beyond fortunate to have “the best job in the world”.  She has been married for over 30 years and has two grown up children.


Mr James O’Hara

Foundation Director
Member of the Finance and Resources Committee
Link Director for St Teresa’s Catholic Primary School
James is a Senior broadcast television journalist at BBC Breakfast as has extensive experience in PR, journalism, publicity and marketing.  He was appointed a Foundation Director at CtKCC in 2017.  James is also a member of the Local Governing Body.
David O’Leary

Mr David O’Leary

Chair of Audit & Risk Committee
Member of the Standards & Provision
Lead Director for SEND

David has 42 years’ service in education, including teaching Mathematics for ages 11-18.  He is the Chair of the Audit & Risk Committee and a leader in Governance.  He completed the Governance Leadership Programme with Confederation of School Trust in 2020.

With 4 years’ service as the former Chair of the CtKCC Board, David plays a key role in implementing and enhancing effective, robust and coherent systems of governance.

David is an active member of his local parish and a member of the Lay Community of St Benedict and member of CAFOD group. He has lived and practiced Catholic faith all his life, and he promotes the mission and ethos of Christ the King Catholic Collegiate, working together as one community.

Ellen Wainwright

Mrs Ellen Wainwright

Chair of Finance & Resources Committee

Link Director for St John Fisher Catholic College

Ellen was appointed as Foundation Director for Christ the King Catholic Collegiate in April 2014 and has been a governor at St Mary’s for 18 years.

Ellen is a Civil Servant and worked for the Department of Work and Pensions for 28 years.

Her knowledge and areas of expertise include policy and procedures, data management, quality assurance and recruitment.