Wellbeing Matters

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We are delighted to confirm that CtKCC has signed up to the Department for Education Staff Wellbeing Charter. Our people are our greatest asset, and we are committed to promoting a supportive and positive environment where our staff feel valued and supported.

The Department for Education Staff Wellbeing Charter is a declaration of support for the wellbeing and mental health of everyone working in education. It is a public commitment to actively promote mental health and wellbeing through policy and practice. Our schools are dedicated to improving and protecting the wellbeing of our employees.

We now have 25 trained Mental Health First Aiders across our family of 6 schools and we hope for this number to increase further in the weeks and months to come, to ensure that our employees have ‘on-the-ground’ support available in all areas, at all times. In addition to this, each school has their own designated Wellbeing Ambassador and all employees now have 24/7 access to specialised professional support via our Employee Assistance Programme.

Promoting positive health and well-being across our CtKCC schools is an integral part of our Multi Academy’s commitment to continue to make CtKCC a great place to work; continuing to improve outcomes for all of our children. 

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